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Fatal Frame, Is It Scary?

Last year I tried to make blog using Indonesian language but then I deleted it because I think it is boring cause the one that will understand my blog only Indonesian people, moreover I found myself never lurking on Indonesian blog lol, whenever I search something on Internet I always use English word.

Firstly, forgive me for my massive English failure, at least I try to make it understandable ^^

When at junior high school I talked with some of my friend about what is the most scariest video game that exist, one of my friend straightly said that fatal frame is the scariest and no way game can be scarier than fatal frame. So when school over I asked my dad to go game store, and after arrived there I asked whether there is fatal frame disc here, the seller show me disc case that say Fatal Frame The Tormented Soul. Because I forgot to ask my friend which fatal frame did he play so I bought that game and go home.

fatal frame 3 cover

The first time I played that game I understand about why my friend think this game is the top of the game in term of scariness level. At that time I already finished parasite eve, re nemesis, and silent hill (I know that the other horror games I played are all in PSX console) but this game gives you another feeling, the atmosphere is so real, it gives me the same feeling like walking near grave yard at night with dim lighting condition in real life. The ghost in this game is exactly looks like how dead people soul is described by Indonesian believes. They use white, they pale, they have straight black hair (for female ghost), they standing emotionless. You can hear them scream and ask for help from behind the wall or the door, some of the ghost even just standing at room and do nothing to me which make my heart like stop for a second. In the end I just play the game for about 1,5 hour before I gave up cause I think my soul will leaked out from me because this high immense pressure from the game.

Then, several years later my ps2 broke and man at console service center told me that it can't be repaired.

Just several months ago my younger brother bought ps2 again, now with 160gb hdd, we play many old school game that we used to have fun with before. Then again, I remember about that fatal frame disc that I bought before, too bad when I open to disc box the yellowish side of the dvd become milky white and it can't be read by my new ps2. So I downloaded fatal frame from the Internet and insert it in the ps2 hdd, this time I download the Fatal Frame Crimson Butterfly which is the second in the fatal frame series, the one that I bought is the third in the series. I choose to download this version because the twin girls that are the main character look so helpless and powerless.

fatal frame 2 cover

I thought now I will not be scared of this kind of game anymore but I was wrong. This game still gives me goosebumps and sometime makes my heart stop for awhile. The backsound, the ghost, the village, the graveyard, the lake, the house, the mansion... I'm scared at every place in this game. Sometime it so hard to move the character cause the atmosphere is too scary, the camera makes it scarier because at some place you see nothing, but when you look at the camera view finder you see woman or man just standing there or even worse some of them look at you with no emotion.

hanging twins

sae hanging

falling ghost

kiryu ghost
You will not be scared about your character will die and game over because the ghost are rare compared to how big the area is (whole village) and they are very slow even you can avoid them by walking and still peeking from camera viewfinder (some of the boss are very fast tho), the herb for health is scattered anywhere and with just 1 herb you can recover nearly 75% of your health bar. You will be scared about the dark mystical atmosphere.

herbal medicine

By the way, even it inspired Indonesian indie game developer, the game is named Dreadout, the story take place at abandoned city in Indonesia, the camera obscura is replaced by smartphone.

dread out

Well, I have watched people playing the act 1 in youtube. Okay, my opinion is I am proud at least someone from my country can make that kind of interesting game (with local ghost :D ), but this is the problem, as an Indonesian I know the real story of the most ghost in those game and it doesn't make sense how they are being lumped in one city or even one school building like that. Fatal frame make their own ghost, and the story of each ghost gradually became clearer while the game progressing. So, I still say that this is far less scary than fatal frame.

So, in the end I say that fatal frame series is still the scariest game out there. Im not say other games are not scary, they still make me jump, excited, and panic. But fatal frame is at different level.

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