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Tokyo Toy Box

Firstly, it is different from Dai Tokyo Box. Dai Tokyo Box is the sequel of Tokyo Toy Box. Many people in the internet seems confussed about this. Anyway, I also write my impression about Dai Tokyo Box here :


I randomly found this dorama while lurking in an Indonesian forum. It has interesting synopsis but has just few comment inside those thread because this dorama is still don't get subbed in english yet.

So, I warn you before... until now, it is still not subbed. The Japanese subtitle is up to 8th episode and the Indonesian subtitle is still at 2nd episode.

I am try to make this spoiler free, maybe just a bit, but don't worry.. :D

tokyo toy box cover

Have you ever dream to work at game developer, well I think most of gamers at least have a point in their live when they dreaming about having a job in gaming industries.

The main story of Tokyo Toy Box is about some programmers and graphic designers who resign from big game developer company (Solidus Works) to build their own original game. Their new small company is named Studio G3.

Studio G3 is on the verge of bankruptcy because they always can't keep their schedule. The main reason of this because Tenkawa Taiyou, who is the main director always try to makes the game as interesting as possible without even care about their schedule.

So, they ask help from some kind of consulting firm to help the companies manage their schedule. To make thing even worse, the company that they asked sent the worst person they has because one the graphic designer secretly ask for that, she think that only problematic person can deal with other problematic person.

studio g3 member

The main character is played by Jun Kaname, it is common knowledge for the drama lover that Jun Kaname = Quality Assurance lol...

I am not familiar with all of the other cast, but don't worry, they has done great job well, especially the one who act as Abe Mari and Yoda.

The picture below is Abe Mary tries to make people at the street download Studio G3 latest mobile game, she says that her leg is hurt, they can help her by donwload their game. lol...

abe mary leg hurt

Again, she promotes their latest game in online game chat box haha :D

abe mary online game

In this season the story is mainly revolve about their strugling in making the international version of Samurai Kitchen. It is a bit funny to see the ending screen of samurai kitchen because it is only consist of 6 people :) .

game bug

Judging from this drama, looks like the programmers get the hardest parts in making game. Well, because when they found a bug, if it graphic designer related bug it just ranked as C-Rank or D-Rank bug because it is easy to be corrected. While the programmers must deal with hardcore bug, including the S-rank bug.

found bug

At level.8 the main programmer (Yoda) collaps because the S-rank bug :( .

yoda collaps

The story is refreshing, many funny moment. The main downside is the story is too light and flat, described in other word, there is no peak in the story line. The other downside from this dorama for me is that many things are left unexplored until the end because each episode is just about 20 minutes long. For example is we don't know anything about the past and the current life of each character at all other than knowing they were a Solidus Works employee in the past.

So, if you like this kind of story and want to test your japanese listening skill. You can try this dorama.

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