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Shokojo Seira

As usual, no spoiler and straight to the merit point of this dorama. I hope it will help you decide whether to watch this series or not.

Shokojo Seira is dorama series that was aired in between October to December 2009.

shokojo seira poster

The main story line is about diamond mining corporation owner's daughter who move to Japan to attend high school where her mother had graduated from.

But an unfortunate event happen, his father dies when an accident happen at diamond mining in India. All of his father asset is gone and she doesn't have any relative. She must be a servant for those school to get place to live.

Why you want to watch this :

  • Shida Mirai is here, if you like here, you won't be dissapointed by her acting
  • The ost is good
  • This dorama will make your fantasy alive again
  • You want some tear jerking moment
  • Many heartwarming moment too
  • Really memorable dorama
  • Our quality assurance is here (Jun Kaname)


Why you don't want to watch this :

  • Well, this is a remake of well known story, you already know the ending without even watch it
  • The first several episodes, I think until episode 5th or 6th is full of bullying, to the extent that it become unwatchable


The story begin in India (it was really shot in India). Our main heroine, Kuroda Seira, the princess of diamond mining corporation is picked up from school using limousine, cruising streets around India where many cows rule the street (at least that what I saw in this dorama). After several scene in their mansion, seira move to Japan where the whole story begin.

seira limousine

seira reading story

They successfully transform a tipical western classic story into realm of dorama, this dorama is very dorama in all kind of aspect.

I can't stand the bullying in the first several episode of this series, to make it even worse, all the people who don't bully her do nothing to help her. If you hate bullying like me, please bear it until at least around episode 5th. IMO after those episode, the bullying begin to decrease little by little.

bullying seira

The characters personality itself, I must say that all the cast are doing their best to make each of the supposed-to-be-annoying characters to become really really annoying. About Seira herself, you can put Seira in one room with Aya (1 litre of tear), they both have awesome personality.

seira bread

There is hardly any happy scene in this dorama. Most of the time it is depressing, everytime you see some hope of happy scene it always ending up as a mistake that bring more hardship to Seira. But there also many heartwarming scene, as I say before, Seira personality is great, when she is alone it suddenly become heartwarming scene.

seira buy

This dorama actually contain some beautiful quotes, but it is not like in 1 litre of tear that show the quote in white letter with camera facing the sky. You should concentrate on each of the dialoque to catch the quotes.

For those who want romance, there is enough dose of romance for you in Shokojo Seira. But IMO, Shida Mirai is always lack of something when it come to comedy and romance scene. Don't get me wrong, she is a great actress, many of her doramas are superb, but thats it, everytime comedy or romance scene take place it feels like she lacks of something.

Most of the time the scene only happen in the high school. It is not a tipical japanese high school in other dorama or anime.The school is elite all girl high school with only 1 class.

seira classroom

All of the OST are also nice, it fill the scene with perfect atmosphere.

I recommend this dorama for everyone. This is one of my top 5 list in dorama category. Bear the bullying scene until middle of the series and you will finish one of the most memorable dorama.

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