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Nobunaga No Chef (Season 2)

Iza mairan!! Sengoku no Cuisine!!

nobunaga no chef s2 cover

The french heisei chef journey in sengoku jidai (warring state) continue in second season.

The story is light and fresh, you do not need to deeply think the story to enjoy this drama. Similar to the first series, there are many heartwarming scenes in this series, but IMO, if I have to choose which one is more heartwarming I will chose the first season.

About Nobunaga, he is a bit annoying because he always unclear about everything even to his own subordinate, seems like he enjoys watching people confused. I have not read Oda Nobunaga history so I don't know whether the dorama stories and timeline are correct according to the history.

oda nobunaga

In this season they tend to show the cooking process shorter than in the first season. You hear Ken says "Iza mairan!! Sengoku no Cuishine!!", then after just several second of cutting the main ingredient, the food is finished.

After youko gone, the buddhist monk (Kennyo) gets another cute woman, looks like he is really blessed by the Buddha lol. but too bad she.... T_T , onore Matsunaga Hisahide!!! She really needs more screentime T_T


Finally, someone aproaches Shida Mirai lol... although Natsu is a bit dumb, but there is nothing wrong with her character in this dorama. Seeing Shida Mirai acts like that make me a bit itchy, she usually got serious character like in Shokojo Seira, Himitsu, Jyou No Kyoushitsu, and in many more doramas, seeing her acting as a dumb Natsu gave me a strange feeling.

shida mirai natsu

About all the food itself, all of the food that ken made looks beautiful, very small portion tho lol. The most good-looking cusine is the food that he made for Takeda Shingen. I never take a picture of my food, but if that dragon cuisine is mine, there is no way I am not gonna share it in social media.

dragon style cuisine

Anyway, there are two things in this dorama that always make me smile. The first thing is that kaede can appear everywhere, and she always jump and roll when appears eventhough it is just in the kitchen. The second is about Natsu being as a man, the fact that many people can't tell that Natsu is a woman at the first sight is made me smile.

After 8 episode of enjoyment you will meet the open-ending. The ending is hanging the story, I think they are planning to make the 3rd season.

overal I enjoyed this drama series, If you have not watch the first season I recommend you to watch the first season first.

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