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Minna! Esper Dayo!

If you like ecchi and you love to Rolling On Floor Laughing (ROFL), this dorama is a good choice. I try to make this review spoiler-free :) .

minna esper dayo cover

Minna! Esper Dayo! was released in 2013, it was aired at midnight so you can expect some ecchi inside this dorama. Actually, it is not just some, but many.

The story is about a village which, at some random moment, some random villager get special ability such as mind-read, telekinesis, teleportation, and so on. And the best part is, most of them are pervert, it can't be helped tho lol....

terumitsu telekinesis

The main story line is very very poor, but don't worry.. The several first episode, I think until episode 6 or 7 are seriously have many ROFL moments. But after that the ecchi and rofl moment is decreasing and it become a bit boring, it still have some scenes that makes you laugh but to be honest, this dorama's charm is fading litlle by little toward the end in episode 12, and IMO the last 2 episodes are crap.

It has different style of ecchi style with the famous Shimokita Glory Days, in Shimokita the fanservice has a little to non laugh when you watch it. But in this dorama, you will enjoy the ecchi moment while ROFL.

enomoto nude

sae upskirt

One of the main heroine Sae, is very cute IMO. When I watch this dorama I kinda have feeling that I have seen her in other dorama before, then I remembered it was in Shuugaku Joshi Gakuen. Her character in this dorama is a nice person, really, she is a nice person, we would not know that she is a cruel person if it not because yoshihiro always read her mind.

sae smile

The main character, yoshihiro.. he is a nice person but I think he has some kind of complex and mental disorder, always running and screaming through the class coridor is not normal people do. Anyway, he got unusual spot for main character, ussually main character will be placed near window/last row/second row from back of the class room.

yoshihiro class room

All the other cast have done great job to make all the scene natural and not awkward, eventhough I really think that those scene is should be very awkward if it happen in real life, but they make it like it just a natural thing that people do everyday.

There are many actress that surprisingly made appearance here. For example is Yoshihiro's father who is played by Ijiri Okada, like in variety show, he also always plays with his tongue here. Or the one that in dream episode, ahhh I forgot his name, but I see him in many doramas.

Like typical japanese dorama, eventhough it is hardcore ecchi, gore, or serious drama there is always some heartwarming scenes.

heartwarming scene

The bad news is that I only can find Japanese and Indonesian Subtitle. I searched the english subtitle everywhere with no result so I watched it with Indonesian subtitle. I think this is the first time I used Indonesian subtitle. I don't hate my language, it just the QC of most indonesian subtitle is bad, to many inconsistencies and use of slank words. Well, I can't blame them because it is free :D

Shortly, this dorama is great until episode 6 or 7. The rest episodes are plain and a bit boring.

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