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Dai Tokyo Toy Box

Dai Tokyo Toy Box is the sequel of Tokyo Toy Box. You can read my impression and review of Tokyo Toy Box here :


Dai Tokyo Toy Box is released at early 2014, this drama is not get subbed yet. So, prepare your ear when you dare to watch it. As ussual, I try to not give any spoiler about the main story line :) .

dai tokyo toy box poster

Dai Tokyo Toy Box story is about a group of programmers and graphic designers who resign from big game developer companies (Solidus Works) to make their dream of making own internation original game come true. They already made their dream come true in the first season, this second season is the continuation of the first seasond.

Most of the cast, characters, and places are still the same with the first season, but there are several new characters and a new places lol. There are only 5 places in the first seasond, now we get 1 more place which is bishojo-game maker's office. The new characters are Momo and bishoujo-game maker duet.

momo bishoujo game maker

At the end of Tokyo Toy Box there is a girl riding bicycle stop at the front of Studio G3 Office, you might think that she is the trigger character for this second season. But she is not, I think there will be no significant difference in the progression of the story whether she is joining Studio G3 or not.

studio g3

I kinda hoping she is a genius programmer or graphic designer, but actually she don't have any speciality, even she don't have any ability that related to game developing at all. I don't know why but I am a bit annoyed by her haha...

momo join studio g3

Looks like everyone are enjoying their time in this cosplay cafe, the cafe theme is changed from victorian-era theme to tropical beach theme lol. At the middle of the story the man who works at this cafe joins Studio G3 as programmer (he is a former programmer), instead of amazed me with his coding ability, he lol-ed me.

otaku cafe summer

Even the waitress now use bikini instead of those victorian-era clothes. If in the first episode they called the costumer with some french words, now they just simply say aloha and hai with seducing tone lol...

level 6

This old man is still same as in the first season, lucky pervert bastard. In 2 seasons of this dorama he have touched all the girls butt (except the woman at Solidus Works Office lol).

pervert dai tokyo toy box

Some blood is shed in this season, too bad the victim is our main programmer :( .

programmer blood

Some side stories in this season give some peak points in the story rather than flat pace like the first season, but how each problem arise and how each of it is solved is not well polished.

Anyway, the ending video is cute and the song is catchy. The ending song is Akai Akashi by Ram Wire.

Like the first season, each of Dai Tokyo Toy Box episode is just around 20 minutes. I recommend you watch the first season first and if you like it you can continue to the second season. If you jump directly to second season you will barely have idea about what you watch.

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