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After what happen with Indonesian messed-up political situation because the losers in recent Indonesia general election make a coalition and take desperate moves to ruin the country, I remember a dorama that I watched several years ago. Not exactly same story with this dorama, but definitely has the same topic :D .

There is a bit spoiler here, but don't worry, it is still save for those who have not watched it.

Change is japanese dorama that was aired in 2008 with the avarage rating more than 20%, this dorama is unlikely to disappoint you. Its main story is about 5th grade elementary teacher who gets a chance to become prime minister.

The main cast in this drama is Takuya Kimura. You better know him, my reaction when read about him in wikipedia was "wth", his popularity is somewhat at an unreal level lol.....

change asakura teacher

Well, actually I already forget how elementary male teacher is supposed to be, but I think how Asakura act and think is really like a real elementary teacher. For some reason, because of accident that happens to his father and brother, he is forced to enter the political world.

The one that makes this dorama interesting is that Asakura is really an ideal politician, he doesn't care about money and power that surround him.. He bows her head asks for forgiveness eventhough it is not his personal fault. A politician asking for forgiveness, moreover bowing, it will never happen in my country.

politician bowing

Not just ask for forgiveness, you will also never see a politician gives speech like Asakura is. His speech main point is "My everything will be like yours!" .

asakura speech politician

It feels like watching a rabbit in the lions cage. Many people lost their ideal-view and morale when they are surrounded by money and power. At first, all people in parliament just considered Asakura as a joke and bully him.

Thinking about it, he was bullied by his student when he is still an elementary teacher, now he keeps getting bullied by the old politician. Maybe he is tipe of person that bully-able lol.

politics debate

Even so, he keep climbs and reaches the highest position. Position that everyone around him are dream about.

asakura prime minister

asakura secretary

The higher his position the more hates he receives.

Change successfully makes all those hates into something that enjoyable to watch. The main reason is that most of the antagonists in this dorama are still have heart, and the one that has totally lost his/her heart are still have brain.

Change is going at perfect pace for me, not too slow and not too fast in conveying the story. All the old politician casts in this drama are also perfect, they make all the scenes natural. Is politic really an evil nest, how come I consider all those unethical things that happen in this dorama seems natural lol...

change dorama together

I can not point about what is the weakness of this dorama, but there is one episode that really annoys me, in those episode he keeps receiving many not important guests eventhough at the moment there is a very important guest in his home. It suppossed to be funny I think.

There is no memorable song and music in this drama, but the ending in each episode is not that boring.

Keep in mind that this a serious drama that have strong character and storyline, so make sure you stay away from the seek bar when you watch it. :)

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