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As ussual, this is spoiler free :) ..

Akumu-chan was aired in 2012. It also got a SP and a Movie, both were aired in 2014. The average rating of this serial based on dramawiki is about 11%.

Human conciousness is just the tip of iceberg. Within the soul, there is infinte unconsciousness. Inside those unconsciousness is where all the emotion, behaviour, and even time itself sleep.

akumu chan apple

The main stories is about scientist that invented machine that able to visualize the dream of person and save that in some kind of card device. With this machine they can visualize many prophetic dreams, some of this dream outcome can be changed and some are can't.

dream machine

Akumu-chan stories is a bit dark for elementary school environment, but not as dark as Jyoou No Kyoushitsu (other dorama) which literally torture all the students in her classroom for the whole year. There is no physical violence here, but many nightmares. Even some of the nightmares make me afraid.

I considered Akumu-chan as slow pace dorama, the main story itself is short, meaning there are many side missions here. But it is not boring because each of the episode is interesting.

dream reading

The main character, Koto Yuiko, is somewhat looks like new style of gothic lolita and his grandfather looks like einstein doppleganger lol. At first I don't like her hairstyle (the white part) but after several episodes I think its kinda cool.

akumu chan grandfather

Both of them are unreliable, Koto Yuiko is having problem in social relationship because she will connect with people unconciousness instead of their conciusness when making an eye contact with other people. And the old man is naturally unreliable, that is all, no other comment for him.

The picture below, you know this man right (in case you dont know, he is gackt). His character in this dorama is a mysterious and unguessable scientist, some time he is ultra cool, some time he is ultra annoying.

gakuto dorama

Well, there is no real antagonist here, its just based on your point of view. If you find that some character is bad, just look from different perspective and you will find that they have their point.

There are many funny moments which made me laugh or smile. In addition, there are also many serious parts that made me seriously think about what was the cause and what will be the result of what is currently happening. So, I think this dorama has nice curve of story intensity.

Anyway, our main character got ussual seat position :D .

akumu chan class room

Akumu-chan main song is "Saraba Itoshiki Kanashimi-tachi yo" by Momoiro Clover-Z. It is nicely match with the scenes. Even in the SP, the guest star is Momoiro itself :) . If you watch the SP or the Movie after you finishing this series you will realize that Koto yuiko get much taller haha :) .

This dorama give me an idea. Many people try to get their conscious in their dream but they fail. Maybe we can make our yumenoke which only able to say yume (dream), so we have our own alert about whether it is dream or not.


Overal, I reccomend this serial. Its fun and fresh.

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