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Zero No Tsukaima

As usual, no spoiler and straight to the merit point of this anime. I hope it will help you decide whether to watch this series or not.

In this review, I will review all of the Zero No Tsukaima season (4 seasons).

Zero No Tsukaima first season was aired at 2006 and the fourth season was aired at 2012. The 2nd and 3rd season were aired between them. So yeah, this is not a new anime.

zero no tsukaima

The main storyline is about a common Tokyo boy (Saito Hiraga) who accidentally summoned as a familiar (tsukaima) by magic school student in different world. He keep searching for a way to go back to his own world while serve the girl (Louis Valliere) who summoned him.

Why You want to watch this :

  • You love sword
  • You love magic
  • You love the idea of faraway magical land/magical kingdom
  • You love fanservice
  • You love romance
  • You love Harry Potter
  • As overal is memorable


Why you don't want to watch this :

  • You hate harem
  • You hate a lot of fanservice
  • You hate tsundere
  • You hate long series anime (4 season)


louis valliere

The storyline as overal is interesting, it is keep going forward but in slow but steady pace. The story begin in the 1st season and end in 4th season, that is why the 4th season is named Zero No Tsukaima F, the "F" stands for final. Just think like this...

  • 1st season = fun, introduction to many part of the series
  • 2nd season = fun but sometime serious, some problems and new characters
  • 3rd season = fun but serious, some problems and also new characters again
  • 4th season = serious, the climax (there are moments that make my eyes watery)


village zero no tsukaima

The artwork differ from series to series, personally I like 2nd season the most. The first season is a bit dull, and the 4th season are too colorfull.

The main character (Saito) personality is a bit dense, yeah sometime he is a bit annoying but for most time he is cheerful and optimistic. The female lead (Louis) is being tsundere for the whole series, I personally don't like tsundere but I found that her personality is enjoyable even for person like me. All the other characters have fun personality, for me, the only annoying character in this series is the musket leader.

zero no tsukaima tavern

The characters design are also refreshing, although most of them use black mage robe and star pin. But the face and hairstyle are widely differ from one character to another.

There are many funny moments here, but most of them are about ecchi. Yeah for someone who don't like ecchi stuff, maybe they will not like it. But if you like ecchi stuff, the comedy in this series are good. The most repeated comedy scene in this series are Louis found Saito having nice time with other girls.

hiraga saito sleep

The fighting scene is not the major element here, many of the fighting scenes are too short to be enjoyed. The magic itself are also repeatitive, looks like every magician here just can use 1 or 2 magic. The only cool part in the fighting scene is Saito with his talking sword.

hiraga saito

zero no tsukaima kidnap

The setting is also interesting, from magical school, medieval kingdom and its city, forest, lake, and the others. At least you will never be bored by the location setting.

I recommend this series for all of you. You can try to watch the 1st season first to decide whether or not continue for the whole series.

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