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Yahari Ore No Seishun Love Comedy Wa Machigatteiru

As usual, no spoiler and straight to the merit point of this anime. I hope it will help you decide whether to watch this series or not.

Yahari Ore No Seishun Love Comedy Wa Machigatteiru is an anime series that was aired in 2013. The second season was aired in 2015.

yahari ore no seishun

The story is mainly about a boy who antisosial, but despite being antisosial, he likes to help other people even it mean to destroying his own reputation, after all he don't care about his own reputation.

Why you want to watch this :

  • The main character personality is very interesting


Why you don't want to watch this :

  • You feel want to chill out and laugh
  • The main character is ugly, especially in season 1, in season 2 he is level up a bit :)
  • You want fanservice, almost no fanservice here


The most interesting part of this series is the main character itself (Hikigaya Hachiman), the way he think about something is unique. In summary, he want to detach himself from the society, so he did anything he can do to make those thing happen.

yahari ore no seishun counselling

Despite being like that, he joins a club that its main activities is voluntarily helping other people. Those activities include helping other people in school organization, love matter, and some other personal problem.

The other characters personality are okay but interesting, not boring, and not annoying :) .

yahari ore no seishun club room

Eventhough Hiki always in club room with two girls (Yukino Yukinoshita and Yuigahama Yui) but this is not harem, their confrontation is real, not some kind of tsundere moment. The last several episode of the 2nd season is a bit harem tho, just a bit. Also, there is almost no romance in the 1st season, if you want to watch the romance between the character you need to watch the 2nd season.

yahari ore no seishun classmates

The artwork and other visual element for the location setting is pleasant, not bland or dark, but the character artwork is very poor (very edgy). The sequel of the series has better visual (of course haha). The character design eventhough not memorable, it is quite nice and not boring.

This series has catchy opening (Yukitoki by Yagiyanagi).

I recommend this series for anyone, it will make you rethink about how to socialize. If you like the first season I also recommend you to watch the 2nd season, it is as entertaining as the 1st season but it has much much better graphic than the 1st season.

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