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Ore No Kanojo To Osananajimi Ga Shuraba Sugiru

As usual, no spoiler and straight to the merit point of this anime. I hope it will help you decide whether to watch this series or not.

Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru (OreShura), is an anime that was aired in 6 January 2013 to 31 march 2013.


Short story, there is a boy (Kidou Eita) who is abandoned by his real parent and must live with his relative. Someday he want to payback his relative kindness. He lives his life by studying for the whole time. He declare himself as anti renai (anti love) at least until he able to get recomendation from his high school to enter medical faculty. But things don't go as planned when suddenly a girl (Natsukawa Masuzu) show him a book that will make her able to control him.

Why you want to watch this :

  • You want to enjoy something while relax
  • You are a newbie in anime world, this will be your good start
  • You love harem


Why you don't want to watch this :

  • You want something more emotional
  • You don't like male lead char with no passion at love at all
  • You want to enjoy fan service
  • You hate story with no climax
  • You hate harem
  • Not memorable


eita masuzu

The main storyline is somehow abandoned and doesn't go anywhere, to make it even worse, the love story also doesn't go anywhere. Most of the time, you will see the Natsukawa Masuzu blackmailing Kidou Eita using the book. The only noticable story progression is that the characters number are increasing haha.... In the end you only watch the interaction between each of the character.

Characters personality is understandable, they are enjoyable but nothing special. But just watching their interaction is enough to keep me entertained for the whole series.

eita chiwa

The artwork while the style is nice but the color is a bit bland, I don't know is it just me but the color really looks like washed out, just see my screenshoot above to see what I mean.

The opening song is very catchy, both for ears and eyes, I never skip the opening. But if you are a man, take notes that this kind of opening can shatter your manliness away.

eita osananajimi

Although this series has weak story and no memorable scene but it is charming in its own way (I mean in harem way). Infact, I recommend you to watch this, even I think you can recommend this to your newbie friend.

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