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I make sure to make this article spoiler-free, but actually for this anime the story is not important at all.

This is my first review after leave this blog for a while. Now I come back with different review format, rather than give my impression about the series as a whole, I just jump to part that can help you decide whether to watch the series or not.

NouKome is anime that was aired in 2013. "Life is a series of choices", that is the simplified version of this anime main concept. Looks like a nice quote isn't it :) .

But what if the choice is absolute, it appear at random time and give you some random choices. And to make it even worse, you have to choose one of the option not matter how stupid the choices are.

Why you want to watch this :

  • Hella funny, you can say this kinda gem in this segment


Why you don't want to watch this :

  • Weak character personality, nothing memorable
  • You don't like harem
  • If you want to enjoy some romance, although there is some, but not enough
  • At the moment, you feel you don't want to laugh


The interesting part in this series are the choices that keep appear at any random time with very random choices. Our main character (Amakusa Kanade) must leave his dream of having normal high school life because of those choices.

Just by looking those 2 pictures above I am sure you can guess how random is the choice that appear in the main character head.

Many unexpected think happen in this series, eventhough you think you are already prepared for all things that can happen in anime, you will be lol-ed by some of the scenes in NouKome.

This anime is harem at its finest, in other word, looks like there is no male character other than him. As usual, if it is harem, the lead male char will have no clue about romance at all. This is a bit depressing for me cause I like the girls character design and even their personality haha... Well, at least there is no annoying character in this series.

The overal story itself are not important at all, it just there as a frame to make the absurd scenes happen again and again. Because of that, I remember that I laugh a lot when watching this series, but I don't remember about what I laugh at. Even now I am confussed about what to write other than "it is funny".

It is a perfect anime for those who want to laugh, so if you stressed because some things that happen in your real life, watch this.

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