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As usual, no spoiler and straight to the merit point of this anime. I hope it will help you decide whether to watch this series or not.

"Watashi wa... ki ni narimasu..."


Hyouka is an anime series that was aired in between 14 april 2012 to 17 September 2012 . It has 22 episodes. The story is about a 4 students that join Classic Literature Club for different reason (they are the only member of those club), they are Oreki Houtarou, Chitanda Eru, Fukube Mayaka, and Ibaraki Satoshi. The main character's (Oreki) main concern is to save his energy while the female lead (Eru) is an very active person who love mistery, he always drag Oreki to solve any mistery.

Why you want to watch this :

  • The storyline is flowing
  • All main character personality is great
  • The female lead char is adorable


Why you don't want to watch this :

  • You don't want to think too much
  • You hate mistery


hyouka kotenbu

This series is like combination of slice of life and mistery, sometime it switch into slice of live mode and sometime it switch into mistery mode.

The enjoyable part of this series is the misteries and how the group (mainly Houtarou) solve it. There are some romance here. But if you want to laugh, this anime is dry in this part, you better watch other anime if you want to laugh.

oreki houtarou

The overal characters personality in this series are brilliant, all of the main characters have unique personality. Houtarou has a motto to use energy as less as possible, Chitanda Eru always interesting in everythings she see, Satoshi know many things but have low processing power in searching the connection between all things that he know, and Mayaka is like easy going girl who make their group not dull.

oreki eru

Fan service is enough, not too much, not too little.

chitanda eru

The artwork and other visual element are good (IMO I like this style of artwork the most), it has deep color, a bit dark tho. The characters design are not boring, the male lead is handsome, the female lead is cute. The location setting also beautifully crafted.

Opening and ending, personally, nothing memorable in this part. I always skip it.

This is anime is for wide range of audience. I recommend you watch this series and you can also recommend this to your friends whether boy or girl.

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