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Way I Imagine Characters When Reading Stories

Currently, one of tv channel in Indonesia is airing Mahabharata, Ramayana, Mahadewa, and some other Indian epic stories at night. I have read Mahabharata and Ramayana when I still in high school.

When I first saw those tv program, I try to remember how I used to imagine all of those characters face in the past when I still reading those stories. I came to conclusion that I never imagine their face, I just imagined places where every part of the stories take place and to some extent, what they wear.

This is Mahabhara tv series promotion banner

mahabharata clear

And here is I think what I imagined in the past.

mahabharata blur

You can see from those picture that not only they are blurry and don't have face but they also don't have color. I didn't imagine their color, I think I always imagining something in black and white when reading story.

I think all those happen because part of my brain that act like a vga in PC is lacking of processing power.

Until now, I think processing face in imagination is a bit heavy for my brain. I still can not make face in my imagination that suit the story that I read, I mean not just remembering face, but creating a new face. If I try that, I always end up with some faces that I saw before. Even I if I use faces that I saw before, it still exhausting to keep imagining it while keep reading the story.

Giving color in imagination is not as hard as processing face, but it will become hard if I must coloring my imagination at every page or even every paragraph of the story that I read.

I always curious about whether other people brain have enough processing power to create face and give color to every characters in their imagination when they reading stories.

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