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Taking Yuki Nagato Explanation Into Another Level

suzumiya haruhi no yuutsu

Yuki Nagato is one of female character in Suzumiya Haruhi. The story itself tell about a person who don't realize that she is a god, she keep hoping that someday she found something extraordinary things like ufo, time traveler, alien.

yuki nagato

It is good story that make all your childhood imagination awake again, but if you want to enjoy it I recomended reading the light novel rather than the anime. The anime is somehow distorting all my fantasy which I got from reading the light novel.

So, Nagato Yuki described herself as an e.t intelligence that control the whole space and time of those dimension (I mean dimension in which Suzumiya Haruhi lives). She go to earth as a spy for her kind to observe the data and program malfunction because her kind found the source of the problem is the data and program of Haruhi.

She then contacting Haruhi classmates, Kyon. She then describe to kyon what actually she is and why he come here. Later I found this video, about concept what is universe, their theory is somehow match with Yuki Nagato explanation even the explanation is very detail.

This theory state that we are just projection of some kind of data from higher intelligence.

They can explain some difficult-to-understand thing with this theory such as:
1. Why universe speed limit is speed of light.
2. Why time slower when you moves at speed of light.
3. Why time slower at place where there is a massive gravity.

This video also give its view about time and space
1. Time have smallest fraction.
2. Space have smallest fraction.

I think this theory is interesting whether it is correct or not, for now lets just enjoy this theory like we enjoy Yuki Nagato explanation :D

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