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Taiwanese Aboriginal Song - Atayal Language

In Indonesia, student learn in school that their ancestor was from Yunan or Taiwan (Taiwanese aborigine). But still, we don't have any idea about how Taiwanese aborigine people physical appearance or their language.

When I got penpal friend from Taiwan, I asked her to give me advice about Taiwan song, she then reply me and gave me link to 3 Taiwan music video. One of the video seems so difference, both of the singer appearance and the language that used in the song itself.


The language sound familiar even though I have no Idea what she is saying, but just from the word sounding it certainly have same feeling with several language around Indonesia (Indonesia, Malay, Javanese, Sundanese, Bataknese, Balinese, Minangkabau and many more language). If you are Indonesian or even Malay, see those video without looking the subtitle. You will know what I mean, the subtitle make us know what she said thus make we loose the feeling. Anyway, it is just my opinion :D

Then I ask my penpal friend again,

"what is this song? it doesn't sound like Chinese language, is it just another dialect of Chinese language?"

Then she answer that it is Taiwanese aborigine language, the Atayal language.

After I googled some info about Taiwanese aborigine language, I found that the land of Taiwan (Formosa Island) is the root of all Austronesian language, it also said that Taiwanese aborigines language that has the most similarity to Austronesian language* is the Paiwan language, but I still never heard that language.

taiwan aborigines region map

* Austronesian language = Indonesia, javanese, bataknese, sundanese, tagalog, etc

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