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My Curiosity About Light

Firstly, I must say that I am noob about this cause my major is accounting lol... Since child I always wondering about this

proton hit each other

What happen at X ? Yes, it is simple but I still don't know the answer until now.

So, from time to time I googled this whenever I have leisure time. Some information that I now know:

1. Light have tiniest fraction called photon
2. One photon shoot make the photon still act like particle, but random shoots at two slits make them have special power :)
3. If you check photon that was emitted by star that million light years far from earth, you get bleeping curve, the further the star, the less the bleep you observe

So, in the end I am still confused about whether they just pass each other without having any interaction with another photon. Still hope that someday I will find the answer on internet..

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