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Hasute To Wasute

Hasute To Wasute is a not-so-new song of AKB48 group, infact this song is released more than 1 year ago. I want to write my impression/review of this song because this song's mv is the first mv that played for more than 48 hours non stop in my pc.

Well, eventhough it did played for more than 48 hours without ever been paused, I don't see it for the whole time. You may ask why I can stay in front of monitor for that long period. It is because at that time I was still doing my thesis, I just have 3 classes in a week, so I spent most of the time in that semester in my room finishing my thesis. My PC connected to 2 monitors, in one of the monitor I did the thesis, and in the other monitor I played Hasute To Wasute mv.

I am not hardcore fans who know all the members, this mv is the first time I know that there is Kawaei Rina in AKB48. I already know all the member in this mv except her.

kawaei rina

First time I played those song mv I even not interested at all for the music, but the video somewhat interesting and the song lyric is ridiculously strange and funny, I am not fluent in japanese, but at my level, I know nearly all of what they say and it make me want to hear the song until the end. The lyric is mainly tells about how stupid the center is (Kawaei Rina).

They use two uniforms in this mv, the first one is normal school seifuku. You can see that they still try to differ each other by using different accessories.

hasute to wasute dance

The second uniforms is this colorful seifuku. The pastel color is somehow make me happy :) .

colorful hasute to wasute

They do many stupid scene here, I mean they try to act like they really are dumb person.

After repeating this song for several time I googled about it and found that the members who participating in this mv is really the dumbest among all member. They were picked up for this song because they score lowest among other members in some kind of test in tv show (mechaike).

I searched those tv show video and watch it, based on their silly answers, definitely they are really dumb lol. Anyway, who care about whether they dumb or not, as long as they keep making cute videos :) .

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