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Getting Ready For JLPT N3 Test

Yeah, I finally sign for N3 test that will be hold in 6 December 2015. Actually I have no confidence for this test, but after hearing my friend pass the last N3 test I decide to try that too.

For me, the most problematic one is vocabulary, especially for words that is never or rarely used in anime, dorama, or japanese music. I'm really struggling with this. For the last 2 months I spent about 7 hours each day in remembering word and kanji, I think I will keep doing this for 2 months again until the test.

I finished Nihongomori N3 series in youtube (both the grammar series and the vocabulary series), thanks Kento sensei, also thanks to all Nihongomori staff, they are so funny haha. Currently, I studying Nihongo Somatome vocabulary book and already reach the 5th week lesson of this book. Each day I learn 3 days lesson of this book.

To put it in other word, I think I learn too quickly!!! Infact, many things that I have learnt get lost in my brain. So I put all words that I have learnt into JED (android app), categorize them into different tags and open them whenever I have time. Just a quick scan is enough to help my brain retain the shape of the kanji. By the way, I also tried ankideck but that one not work for me, I hate to wait the kanji that I have forgoten to appear again.

I hope all will go well until the day

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