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Converting PS2 Saves File

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After finishing fatal frame 2 Im kinda addicted with those haunting atmosphere, so I tried fatal frame 1.

Its obvious that the graphic is inferior compared to fatal frame 2 and fatal frame 3 (currently I playing it now), but the atmosphere is still the same. It still scary as hell but not just that, it is also annoying as hell. Now, if people ask me about which game is the most hard to finish definitely I will answer Fatal Frame 1 (a.k.a zero zero). The health medicine are rare, the film are rare (free refill just for that low grade film which just make the ghost itchy), and the ghost are very fast. In the end I must use gameshark (codebreaker) to finish it.

The problem began as I use hdd (Hard Disc Drive) for my PS2 instead of dvd, if I burn gameshark disc then I can not load the game from hdd, I tried to run codebreaker elf from usb drive but it just gave me blank screen.

So, I spare my time to read many guide of ps2 save file on the internet but they are confusing for newbie like me. I will make this as short and easy as I can.

I am assuming you already know how to use ULAUNCH or other kind of way to browse and copy something from/into ps2 memory card into/from usb flashdisk. But you don't need to know it if you just want to use the save file for PCSX2. The most easiest method is to copy ULAUNCH dvd iso into your hdd (using WINHIIP) and choose it as if you choose normal game or burn the ULAUNCH ISO and insert it into your optical drive.

First let give you some idea of the ps2 save file:

1. In PS2 memory card, each save file is a folder which named SLUS***** , BASLUS****, etc. Although its not clear which folder is for which game but when you look at the folder it give you some hint about what games save file is inside those folder. lets call them raw save folder. You can move raw save folder (memory card --> usb flashdrive) or (usb flashdrive --> memory card) using ULAUNCH.
2. If you download ps2 save file from site like gamefaqs, you will get *.psv format.
3. PCSX2 use *.ps2 format which emulates a memory card, so basically this is a virtual memory card which can have many game's save file inside it.

okay, now you understand about the format. Lets move to the convert diagram :

1. *.psv ---- convert using PSVEXPORTER ----> raw save folder
2. raw save folder <--- convert using PS2 SAVE BUILDER-----> *.pws or *.max (doesn't matter which one you choose)
3. *.pws or *.max <---> export or import from/into *.ps2 using MYMC-ALPHA-2.5
Number 2 and 3 is two way, but number 1 is one way so you can't convert from raw save folder to *.psv

If you are confused about how to use each of the program just google it, actually it is very easy and I believe you will know how to use it just by see the program interface (PS2 SAVE BUILDER a bit tricky tho, use the folder name for the root ID and root ID for folder name). I will also give all the programs which I have mentioned into single download file, if they give error, just run them as an administrator (right click, run as administrator).

PS2 saves file utility
rar password = chebe

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