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Can Not Sleep, Fatal Frame 3 Make Me Afraid

Now is 2 am and I still can't sleep... what people said about fatal frame 3 is true, I got nightmare because of this game. Let me tell you what make this game different from the fatal frame 1&2.

The first one scared me out because the random encounter system which keep me always running at himuro mansion to reduce my encounter with wandering ghost. Running make the game less scary cause your blood will full of adrenaline watching miku running, this give you sense of excitement which lessen your scary level. However, I keep screaming while controling her running through the whole mansion, especially when move to another room.

The 2nd series is frightening as hell, there is feeling of unsettle at every place of the map. Like a feeling of something supposed to be there, but actually nothing there, but you keep thinking that something must be there eventhough there is really nothing there.That 2 games frightened me, but after I turn off the game its over until I continue the game again.

But this 3rd game is different, the idea of there are 2 worlds (dream world and reality word) is give me headshot. At some event of the game the ghost you see in your dream start to appear at your real house when you awake, this idea is really creep me out for this 2 days because the only place that I think is save is also haunted now. Now I even keep thinking that the ghost will also appear in my room or even sitting beside my bed.

rei and yoshino

Don't play this 3rd game if you think you kind of person who easily got nightmare.

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